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Laughter Yoga On Zoom

Laughter Yoga is just as effective on Zoom as in-person. In some cases, the online option is superior since it saves time and travel expenses.


I have seen firsthand how Laughter Yoga can have a profound impact on mental health, and it's a tool that I'm passionate about sharing with as many people as possible. I have worked with kids, seniors, special needs individuals, and communities, and I've seen what a positive impact it can have in each context. One thing that I find particularly rewarding is working with women approaching or going through menopause. Laughter Yoga can be an effective tool for managing the mental, emotional, and physical changes that come with this phase of life.

In my CHOOSEday Laugh It Off Club, I offer a free 30 minute Laughter Yoga session where people can experience breathing techniques, movement, music, and Laughter Yoga exercises for wellness. I often base my sessions on stories and I take participants into the world of their imagination for an incredible stress-busting session that we co-create. I have some mental wellness tools that I'll weave through the coaching and then we complete the session with a relaxation. 

Debbie, CA

"I've heard of Laughter Yoga. Tové's style is like nothing I've seen. She has this creative story-telling thing and I just find myself doing things I hadn't thought of before."

Siobhan, Ireland

"When people said Tové and Laughter Yoga were "Great craic," I was skeptical...till she got me laughing before I even had time to think."

Kim, UK

“I watch Tové's sessions on Youtube so I can enjoy them as her live online club is during my work time. She is fun and really motivating. I like the heart she puts into it all. ”
Tove 40 foundation exercises


Laughter, movement, healing


The Joy of Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga has given me so much joy and peace in my life that it's become my mission to spread the laughter. I offer individual and group sessions, online classes and in-person workshops. I will work with you to understand your unique needs and goals to ensure that you get the most out of our sessions. My approach is rooted in positivity and acceptance, and I empower my clients to embrace joy and happiness in their lives, one laugh at a time.


Online Impact

Laughter Yoga is all about laughter and breathing exercises that promote overall health and happiness. Online Laughter Yoga sessions provide convenient access to the health benefits of the exercise from the comfort of your home. Since laughter is contagious, doing it online is no different from doing it in-person, the transformative power remains the same.



Do you often find yourself stressed or feeling down lately? Are you looking for an effective and fun way to improve your emotional and physical wellbeing? Laughter Yoga might be just what you need! As a certified Laughter Yoga coach, I will support you and guide you through a series of exercises to help you become more attuned to your emotions and become more mindful through laughter. My sessions  are designed to help you relax, reduce stress, and experience better physical and mental health. Book a session with me today and start your journey towards wellness through laughter yoga.


It's fun and good for you!

My sessions are carefully designed to give participants just the boost they need to help them relax and feel better. With laughter, our participants have an opportunity to manage stress, boost their immunity, and connect with others in fun ways.

Very good, very good, YAY!

For those new to Laughter Yoga, it's a unique workout that combines laughter exercises with deep breathing techniques. This combination releases endorphins, decreases stress hormones and boosts the immune system. Laughter Yoga online is the perfect way to ignite your inner child and relieve the stress and anxiety that can be weighing you down.

Enjoy some fun with these videos 

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