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About Tové Kane
Laughter Yoga UK & Ireland 

Tove Kane Workplace Wellness

Workplace Wellness

Workplace wellness isn't just a catch-phrase, it's imperative for companies to understand and provide support for their teams. Mental health in the workplace has never been so important, especially since 

there is stress at home as well. We're under pressure and we need to address the challenges we're facing. But where do we start? Mindset. Laughter Yoga promotes mental health through unconditional laughter leading to communication confidence.

Laughter Yoga Master Trainer Laughter Yoga UK & Ireland

Laughter Yoga Master Trainer

Laughter Yoga UK & Ireland

The good news is we can learn how to be confident. Like most skills, confidence is learnable. I'll help you gain confidence and overcome any fears or anxieties that are holding you back. Let's work together to create a lifestyle that truly shines.

I once froze so badly I couldn't utter a word. No voice. Nada. Nothing. Awkward. Even the crickets were embarrassed for me! The ground never swallows you when you wish it would. I literally ran through the audience to escape.

I've never forgotten that feeling and that's why I coach with empathy—I know what it's like when your nerves take over.

Since then I've been a TV morning anchor, on radio for over thirty years, an MC and Keynote Speaker in front of thousands. I coach and mentor other women so they can Speak and S.H.I.N.E. with my five-step stress-free method to create, rehearse, perform and sell any presentation. We all have to present on a daily basis—whether it's to our families, persuading them not to have phones at a meal or prepping for an early morning departure. Or at the coffee shop requesting our favourite beverage. We present in  meetings, at the water-cooler, stepping into the lift, on the phone, Zoom, social media, sometimes in a boardroom, seminar, podcast, radio, TV or stage. 

Learn how to be confident, how to communicate effectively, and change your life. 

Tové Kane

Workplace Wellness


Communication Confidence

Tové Kane Workplace Wellness

Laughter Yoga at work is a fantastic stress-buster. As a team-building exercise, Laughter Yoga is instantly accessible even if you've never seen or heard of it before. People often take the exercises home to try them out with their families and families.


I do online sessions for hybrid teams to promote connection with colleagues who; email, call, Zoom, Teams, or meet-up in some form digitally but never physically. 

When I do in-person sessions, it's to help teams in a personal, focused, environment to destress and relax. Tension becomes obstructive and ultimately, stress causes illness. Once we've got through some ice-breakers and I've explained the phenomenal mental, physical, and emotional health benefits of Laughter Yoga, then I can help teams resolve conflict, stimulate creativity, and peak performance through various exercises.


Importantly, at Laughter Yoga UK & Ireland, we equip teams with coping strategies so that we reduce workplace absenteeism which costs millions.


I care about women dealing with menopause in the workplace. It's important to create an inclusive and healthy culture with conversations about menopause. Exploring the challenges,  encouraging support, and solutions, this has to start happening at work. When we open up a dialogue, it helps people experiencing menopause to feel understood and valued. Often, there's an education piece about encouraging people managers to be equipped with the knowledge and awareness they need to support employees experiencing menopause. 

 Learn How To Be Confident

Learn How To Be Confident

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