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Laughter Yoga A Year Of Chuckling Through "The Change" 

Laughter Yoga A Year Of Chuckling Through The Change
Laughter Yoga A Year of Chuckling Through The Change
Laughter Yoga: A Year of Chuckling through 'The Change'" is a new book that just might be the right motivating tool for you—especially if you need some help to handle menopause in the workplace. 

It's written like a diary so you can turn to today's date, or simply open the book randomly. Not so sure about this laughter business? I get it, we're not used to laughing without Reels or a cute cat pushing things off a desk. This book will show you how to cultivate mental health through laughter, not based on jokes, but created unconditionally as an exercise. Laughter is a powerful tool to navigate the ups and downs of hormone havoc in this transformative phase.

They don't tell us how to handle hot flushes that ignite right in the middle of a boardroom meeting. They don't care if you feel weepy, you're expected to get a  grip. You know your stuff, but suddenly there's brain fog and you just can't remember that word, what you were saying, or what the whole point was? People stare at you like you've lost the plot.

With practical advice, plenty of anecdotes, and a year's worth of laughter exercises, I'll help you transform menopause chaos into mindful calm with a cheery chuckle along the way. 

Discover how laughter can boost workplace wellness, improve your sleep, and help you relax as you experience the, "The Change." Embrace menopause with laughter as your trusty sidekick, and let this book be your daily dose of joy and empowerment. It's time to laugh your way through menopause like the fabulous woman you are!

Is Menopause Mayhem Causing Hormone Havoc?

Chuckling Book Review Caroline Creevy Book review
Is Menopause Mayem Causing Hormone Havoc?

Hormone and memory loss—what the FOG?

Are you curious about where the heck your hormones went? 

What you can do since they ditched you?

How's your mood?

How's the pain?

How's the strain?

How's the brain fog? 

Have you lost your sense of humour?

Do you yearn to get back something that resembles YOU?

I get it, hormone havoc was so bad for me I lost not just my sense of humour, I also lost my ability to sleep, or to cope in any kind of functional way. That's when I started a diary.

It wasn't just a "Dear Diary woe is me," kind of thing.

It was an experiment.

It was a cry for help, nobody came, so I had to do something different to preserve my mental health.


I wanted to see if:

1. Daily Laughter Yoga exercises,

2. Singing, dancing and playing about with a fine tune,

3. Meditation,

4. And journaling,

...could help me out of Fibromyalgia and Menopausal pain. Throw in an unhealthy dose of being overweight, a twist of Anxiety and Depression, low self-worth, diminished self-esteem and a gaping void where my confidence used to be... I figured I didn't have much to lose.

It didn't start out as a book, it became one: "Laughter Yoga: A Year of Chuckling through 'The Change,'" is here to guide you through this transformative phase with humour, empathy, and insight.

Here's a short video from my Year of Laughter reminding you that if we don't show up for wellness, we will have to prepare for illness.

Click play to watch the video:


Are You in a Midlife Maze? 

Question 1: Do you find yourself navigating the labyrinth of menopause symptoms, from hot flashes to mood swings? This book can help you decode the menopausal maze, offering practical tips and laughter-infused wisdom to make the journey smoother. (Spoiler-alert, the wisdom's not mine, not really, it seemed to come to me). 


Need a Mood Boost? 

Question 2: Are you experiencing emotional ups and downs? Laughter Yoga is a powerful mood elevator, and I'll show you how to use laughter to combat mood swings and embrace a more positive outlook on life.

Here is a short mood-booster from the diary, where just being silly evokes genuine laughter ha ha.

Click play to watch the video:


Seeking Serenity and Balance?

Question 3: Is it challenging to find your inner zen amidst the hormonal fluctuations? Explore how Laughter Yoga can help you find balance, reduce stress, and enhance your overall wellbeing during this transformative period.


Ready to Embrace Change with a Chuckle?

Question 4: Are you open to embracing menopause with a sense of humour? "Laughter Yoga: A Year of Chuckling through 'The Change'" is your laughter-filled companion, offering not just Laughter Yoga exercises but also stories and anecdotes that will remind you, we're more similar than we give ourselves credit for.


What's it for you?

- Gain insight into the diverse menopausal experiences women go through.

- Learn practical techniques to manage symptoms and stay positive.

- Discover the joy of Laughter Yoga and its transformative power.

- Find a supportive community of women navigating "The Change" together.

- Prove to yourself that you haven't lost the plot, this stuff is real, and others will understand.


Don't miss out on the opportunity to navigate menopause with a smile on your face and laughter in your heart. Grab your copy of "Laughter Yoga: A Year of Chuckling through 'The Change'" today, and embark on a journey of self-discovery, laughter, and empowerment!


Transform your menopausal state, one chuckle at a time. 

My mission is  to share how unconditional laughter (in other words, laughter that doesn't rely on jokes) is a simple, technique that can help you cope in most circumstances. Here's proof of what it's like to laugh every day even when you're in pain, exhausted, a bit weepy and generally just struggling. Watch the video for some laughter highlights from Laughter Yoga A Year of Chuckling Through "The Change".

Click play to watch the video:



Before this, I just felt overwhelmed and powerless. I was confused and I felt horribly abandoned, even my hormones ditched me! I was about to lose it, properly lose it!


I asked myself:

How can I laugh at a time like this?

Why should I make laughter my new BFF?

Then I added: 

Menopause is NOT funny!

Alright, here's the deal. Menopause is like the ultimate mood-hoover, sucking up any kind of positivity. But who says we have to give up laughter, joy, and happiness? Laughter Yoga is not about turning menopause into a comedy club, complete with chuckles, guffaws, and maybe even a snort or two! It's about lightening up and using laughter as an exercise to help you feel lighter and less stressed.

"The Change" feels more like "The Challenge."


In this book, I'll spill the beans on how giggles can be your secret weapon. Can it really give you energy, squash stress, and make you feel like a superhero with a cape made of coping mechanisms? Yes, yes, yes!


This book will be a daily dose of sunshine, except it's laughter exercises that will leave you with abs of steel (okay, almost) and a spirit that's ready to take on anything!

Will this book give you the best beauty sleep ever?"
Listen up insomnia, we've had enough of you! Can this book really make bedtime chuckles a thing? Because if it means you'll finally get a good night's sleep and wake up feeling like a million bucks, wouldn't you want that?

Can laughter help us forge unbreakable bonds?
Yes, we are shifting from worriers to warriors. Alright, my fellow menopausal warriors, I know I need some camaraderie in this adventure and I believe you'll enjoy it too even if you're over "peopling" or you're a recovering people-pleaser trying on her first 'no.' 

Ladies, these questions are the real deal, and "Laughter Yoga: A Year of Chuckling through 'The Change'"  is the guide we've all been waiting for. So, let's dive into the world of laughter and menopause with confidence, sass, and notice how the more you laugh—the more you laugh!


It's a daily diary of laughter, plus a song and a video each day! That's right, you can watch the video from each day on my Youtube channel:


If you resonate with this message of hope and a strategy to help other women overcome menopause mayhem then you might like to gift a book to one of them. You can get the Kindle version right now, or order paperback or Hardcover. If you love your audio books, I'll be recording this one soon.


Just let your heart be light and reach out to me for some additional coaching if you like this laughter business.


Big love


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