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Laughter Yoga UK & Ireland
Workplace Wellbeing

How can Laughter Yoga UK & Ireland help you destress quickly?
Is it possible to 
destress right away?

Laughter Yoga UK & Ireland At Work
Yes Laughter Yoga UK & Ireland CAN help you destress quickly! IS possible to destress right away.
Scientific studies validate the immediate effect of Laughter Yoga in reducing cortisol levels. 
Laughter Yoga is not just about stress-busting, it can also help teams to relax and it can even boost workplace wellness. Mental health in the workplace is just as important as physical health, and Laughter Yoga is a single activity which offers emotional, physical and mental relief through activities that reduce anxiety, stress, and even depression. 

Workplace pressure strips us of our sense of humour. We lose our creativity. We lose our health and vitality. It becomes harder to make decisions. It's difficult to cope when we are under sustained pressure. Our energy gets depleted. Ultimately, the stress builds up and we have to take sick leave. Absenteeism is costing businesses in the UK & Ireland millions!

It's just as well Laughter Yoga doesn't rely on a sense of humour, or jokes... it's an exercise programme packed full of wisdom and delight, and anyone can do it! 

I made a conscious effort to bring more joy and laughter into my life and now I teach companies how to use it for team-building, seniors how to stay mobile and mentally active even in care homes, youngsters to build emotional intelligence especially when bullying is rife, communities who need to reconnect, helping women navigate menopause in the workplaces and even individuals who need help with mental health. 
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