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Laughter At Work

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Laughter At Work is about improving the team dynamic at work. Stress and anxiety are the leading cause of absenteeism. People are anxious at home and there is even more pressure at the office. Laughter At Work helps you destress and anyone can do it. Laughter At Work involves movement and laughter as an exercise without using jokes. Sessions are customised for each group and their specific needs: Teamwork, Conflict resolution, Better communication, Resilience, Creativity, Innovation, Peak performance, and how to handle tough clients and deadline pressure. Laughter At Work lifts the mood and improves the office atmosphere whilst boosting energy, immunity, confidence, and performance. Sessions are concluded with a much-needed relaxation that people really enjoy. Clients tell us teams leave energised, motivated, and inspired—sustaining a friendlier vibe at work. Session Duration 1 Hour. On site. Wear comfortable clothing.

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