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Laughter Yoga
ear of Chuckling Through
"The Change"

Laughter Yoga A Year Of Chuckling Through "The Change"
Tové standing with a copy of Laughter Yoga A Year of Chuckling Through "The Change"
Dr Kataria and Tove Chuckling
Tove Kane Master Trainer With Book
Laughter Yoga A year of Chuckling Through the Change

Book Summary

"Laughter Yoga A Year Of Chuckling Through ‘The Change’”

Author: Tové Kane


In "Laughter Yoga A Year Of Chuckling Through ‘the Change,’” Tové Kane takes readers on a transformative journey through a year-long experiment with Laughter Yoga, a practice pioneered by Dr. Madan Kataria. The book candidly explores Tové's personal struggles with the challenges of menopause, Fibromyalgia, grief over her mother's unexpected death, and her battles with depression and anxiety. Through laughter as an exercise, Tové discovers a path to healing and joy, showcasing the power of unconditional laughter therapy.

The narrative combines diary updates, humour, and mindfulness, offering a day-by-day account of Tové's commitment to sharing laughter with the world. The book not only delves into the specifics of Laughter Yoga but also reflects Tové's authenticity, revealing the ups and downs of her personal journey. Tové introduces the 40-Day Challenge of one minute laughter videos initiated by Dr Kataria, showcasing the universal nature of laughter as a tool for well-being.  

The author embarks on a 365-day laughter challenge which becomes humorous and inspirational. Each diary entry includes a chosen song of the day, highlighting the interconnectedness of joy through singing, dancing, playing, and laughing. Tové's commitment to authenticity shines through, as she shares not only the laughter-filled moments but also the behind-the-scenes struggles, doubts, and hesitations.

The book reflects on the evolution of Tové's laughter videos, the technical challenges faced, and the support of her wife and sister. Throughout the diary, Tové provides glimpses into her life, adding personal anecdotes, reflections, and a touch of humour. She explores the impact of laughter on mental and emotional well-being, emphasising its accessibility and universality.

"Laughter Yoga  A Year Of Chuckling Through ‘the Change,’” is more than a laughter diary; it's a guide to embracing positivity and resilience, especially during difficult times. Tové encourages readers to step out of their comfort zones, explore the healing power of laughter, and cultivate joy even in the face of adversity.

Author Bio

Tové Kane is a renowned Laughter Yoga Master Trainer and Ambassador, celebrated for her multifaceted expertise. As a prolific online course creator, author, inspiring speaker, and dedicated coach, Tové's mission is to spread the joy of laughter and enhance wellbeing globally. She travels around the world to deliver captivating keynote talks, interactive workshops, and Retreats, where she leverages the profound impact of Laughter Yoga to transform lives. Tové lives, laughs, and loves in dual homes in Northern Ireland and The Republic of Ireland.

Podcast Topics

  1. "Laughter Chronicles Unveiled"

    • Tove discusses the behind-the-scenes moments, challenges, and joys of her year-long laughter journey, offering a deeper understanding of the transformative power of laughter.

  2. "Menopause Mayhem: Finding Humour in Hormonal Chaos"

    • A podcast episode dedicated to exploring the unique challenges of menopause and how incorporating laughter, specifically through Laughter Yoga, can bring relief and positive aging.

  3. "The Healing Power of Unconditional Laughter"

    • Tove interviews experts and individuals who have experienced the healing benefits of Laughter Yoga, exploring its impact on mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

  4. "Navigating Life's Mountains: A Ha-Ha A-Ha Moment"

    • Tove reflects on how laughter, mindfulness, and the four elements of joy can help individuals face life's challenges, drawing parallels between her laughter journey and climbing metaphorical mountains.

Blog Topics

  1. Navigating Menopause Mayhem: A Guide to Laughter and Healing

    • Tové shares insights into the challenges of menopause and how Laughter Yoga became her ally in navigating the hormonal havoc.

  2. Unconditional Laughter: Breaking Down the Basics of Laughter Yoga

    • A comprehensive post explaining the fundamentals of Laughter Yoga, its health benefits, and how it goes beyond traditional humour-based laughter.

  3. The 40-Day Challenge: A Laughter Journey for World Peace

    • An exploration of the transformative 40-Day Challenge in Laughter Yoga, focusing on the power of voluntary laughter and its impact on personal well-being and global harmony.

  4. Laughing Through Grief: Healing After Loss with Laughter Yoga

    • Tové opens up about her experience using laughter as a tool for healing during the grieving process, emphasising its role in fostering resilience and emotional well-being.

Press Release



Irish Author, Tové Kane, Brings the Gift of Laughter to Menopausal Women, Unveils Her New Book "Laughter Yoga: A Year of Chuckling Through 'The Change'".


CARNAGH EAST, COUNTY ROSCOMMON (2 FEBRUARY 202) — Irish resident Tové Kane is set to light up the world with her fresh take on navigating menopause, as she introduces her latest book, "Laughter Yoga: A Year Of Chuckling Through 'The Change'". This insightful read promises to be every menopausal woman's new best friend.

Kane's book delves into the transformative power of laughter during menopause, illustrating how it can reduce stress, enhance resilience, and promote an essential sense of well-being during this significant life transition.


The roots of Laughter Yoga trace back to India, where Dr. Madan Kataria, a medical doctor, founded this unique practice in 1995. Now, with millions of practitioners spanning over 120 countries, the laughter movement is stronger than ever. Tové Kane, the MC at the recent Laughter Yoga World Conference in India, proudly launched her book alongside Dr. Kataria, who personally mentored her to become a Laughter Yoga Master Trainer.


Kane also offers in-person and online certification courses in Ireland, empowering Laughter Yoga Leaders and Teachers to unlock the health benefits of laughter in various facets of life, including communities, schools, special needs environments, businesses, care homes, and healthcare facilities.


Backed by hundreds of scientific studies confirming the tangible health advantages of Laughter Yoga, Kane's book acts as a daily diary, brimming with ideas on how to induce laughter, even when it seems impossible. Kane revisits the theme of initiating laughter no matter your mood, so that it swiftly becomes infectious and potent enough to help women process grief and loss.


Tové Kane explains, "I laugh every day but I’m not happy every day. I’m happier after laughter. I wanted to demonstrate the connection between laughter and health for other menopausal women. It can be a painful and confusing time. There’s a lot of science behind laughter's positive impact on the body and mind. Admittedly, I sometimes don’t feel like laughing, but I volunteer to do it, and soon there’s a release of endorphins, a reduction in stress hormones, and a feeling of hope to navigate the day."


Packed with humour, candid vulnerability, and practical tips, the book provides a year's worth of laughter exercises, delivering a daily boost of positivity and empowerment. Tové Kane isn't just a guide; she's a trusted friend, offering unwavering support to menopausal women, equipping them with the strength and motivation to face each day with a smile, no matter the hurdles.


For in-person and online interviews, Tové Kane is readily available to share her laughter-filled wisdom.

Contact Information


Mobile: +353(0)871658826



About the Author, Tové Kane

"Tové Kane is a renowned Laughter Yoga Master Trainer and Ambassador, celebrated for her multifaceted expertise. As a prolific online course creator, author, inspiring speaker, and dedicated coach, Tové's mission is to spread the joy of laughter and enhance well-being for menopausal women. She embarks on journeys around the world to deliver captivating keynote talks and interactive workshops, where she leverages the profound impact of Laughter Yoga to transform lives.  

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Possible List of Questions for Tové Kane

  1. What inspired you to write the book?

  2. What is the book about—is it fiction or non-fiction?

  3. Who should read this book?

  4. Why should people read this book, how will it benefit them?

  5. Yoga is a popular topic right now; what is Laughter Yoga?

  6. What is your unique spin on the subject?

  7. Can a book really contribute towards personal transformation?

  8. You describe a way of creating happiness despite difficult conditions; is that even possible these days? 

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