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Laughing Your Way to Success in 2024

Tové Kane asks how to set goals for 2024 using Laughter Yoga
How to set goals for 2024 using Laughter Yoga

I love goal-setting and I could REALLY do with some dreams coming true but can you do it by laughing your way to success in 2024? With Laughter Yoga UK & Ireland and the Tové Kane CHOOSEday Online Club 02/01/224 we explored how to set goals in 2024 using Laughter Yoga.

Inspired by the fabulous coach, podcaster, and author, Mel Robbins, I wanted to share some ideas on how to set goals for 2024. We started by looking back in time to 2000. Where were we? Who were we in those days? Remember Y2k? Remember the anticlimax after the great dread and worry of exploding computers?  Nothing seemed to happen. Then we moved forward to 2020. It seems hard to access the feelings of isolation and deprivation during the Covid-19 Pandemic. We’ve almost started to take things for granted again. What is our level of satisfaction with our lives a generation into the new Millennium? 

When it comes to goals, most of the time we can’t set new, fresh, goals because we are so heavily invested in lugging around the burdens of previous years and the unmet goals and dreams. These heavy loads weigh us down. That’s not enough for our negative viewpoint since we seem to undervalue the good things that might have lifted us up. To stop and drop into awareness through unconditional laughter, we were able to make a carousel in our imagination, allowing images to come up, of things that are working. We could laugh about their positive contribution in our lives. 

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Then we used the same powers of imagination to review some things that have to go: complaining, blaming and holding grudges through unforgiveness were among some of the behaviours that have to go. We also enacted the Narcissist’s way of getting comfortable with crossing our boundaries. We recognised that tolerating abusive behaviour also has to go.  

Then we thought about changing our language, the way we speak to ourselves or refer to ourselves. Saying things like, “I’m not good at…,” is limiting and an undermining of our cosmic heritage. Instead say, “I don’t choose ...” For example, I used to say I wasn’t good at ironing. I wasn’t good at it because I didn’t enjoy it. I’d rather clean all the windows in the house than iron one blouse. Now I say, “I don’t choose to iron,” and I arrange for someone else to iron (either as a favour or as employment). 

We concluded some rounds of gradient laughter with a gesture of closing our forefinger to our thumb, completing a circle that symbolises we are one with the Universe. The gesture has two meanings: everything is okay, and I appreciate you. 

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Tové Kane is a Certified Laughter Yoga Master Trainer, Teacher and Laughter Ambassador promoting the health benefits of Laughter Yoga as a daily practice of: laughing, breathing, stretching, singing, dancing and playing. 

This is especially important right now where our lives are full of stress and uncertainty. To sing, dance, play and laugh is especially difficult when anxiety, job losses, divorce, broken families, destruction, greed, injustice, war, global warming, pollution, abuse and other awful things seem so prevalent.


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