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Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day

On my radio show (Rosfm) today and in this blog, I’m exploring the essence of Earth Day, celebrated globally on April 22nd. Earth Day is a time to reflect on our planet's beauty, its fragility, and the actions we can take to preserve it for generations to come. It's also important to recognise the wish, "Happy," since we can get really scared and upset when we consider all the dark things we've done to each other and this planet. I believe hope, health, and happiness are important because they light the way to a better future. If we feel more optimistic, and if we're in a better mood, the chances are greatly improved that we will make changes for the good of ourselves, each other, and Earth herself.

This planet is blessed with stunning natural landscapes. One of my favourite places is a mountain or a beach but I’d say the most precious place for me is in a woodland area. A woodland isn't just a collection of trees; it's a living, breathing ecosystem teeming with biodiversity. It provides us with clean air, acts as a natural carbon sink, and offers a sanctuary for countless species of flora and fauna.

Preserving the woods isn't just about maintaining their beauty; it's about safeguarding our own well-being and that of future generations. By protecting this woodland, we're ensuring that our children and grandchildren can continue to benefit from its myriad gifts.

So, what can we do to bring sustainability into our lives? It's simpler than you might think! We can start by reducing our waste, recycling more, conserving water and energy, supporting local farmers and businesses, and advocating for environmentally-friendly policies in our community.

Would you like to see the music I’m playing on my show today? It’s a playlist, filled with tunes to uplift your spirits and celebrate the beauty of our planet:

  1. The Rolling Stones - "Start Me Up" (Runtime: 3:33)

  2. Phil Fearon and Galaxy - "Everybody's Laughing" (Runtime: 3:54)

  3. Labrinth feat. Emily Sandé - "Beneath Your Beautiful" (Runtime: 4:31)

  4. Alison Moyet - "Only You" (Runtime: 3:11)

  5. Extreme - "More Than Words" (Runtime: 5:34)

  6. Otis Redding - "Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay" (Runtime: 2:42)

  7. Madonna - "Jump" (Runtime: 3:59)

  8. Annie Lennox - "Little Bird" (Runtime: 4:39)

  9. Depeche Mode - "Just Can't Get Enough" (Runtime: 3:43)

Why did I include the runtime? As a radio DJ, timing is crucial, we are always aiming for junction points. We work with two types of time: forwards and backwards and we do this simultaneously. It might seem a bit mind-bendy but once you get the hang of it, it makes sense. Let me explain. When I start a show, it is running forward from 2pm and backwards from 3pm. This means that everything has to fit into a precise sequence: linking from the news, the jingles, the stings, the vocal links, the music, the meditation and the adverts. It all fits into a symphony of coordination. The woodland is also working with time: the birth, life, and death of everything. It is perpetual. Our thoughts seem perpetual too, spinning in our minds all the time. This is why meditation is so valuable, it allows our bodies to slow down, then our minds, then our thoughts. The run time of the meditation is 10:17. Is that enough time to calm and relax your mind? Let me know, click the link to download. and take a listen:

Earth Day Meditation

Earth Day Meditation

Welcome to this guided meditation for Earth Day. Every day is Earth day. Our precious planet is our home, she’s all we have… And yet many times, we aren’t aware of her as we get too caught up in our worries, anxieties, regrets and plans. We seldom even come home to ourselves through mindfulness and meditation. It is so good to celebrate our lives and the life of our planet on Earth Day. We live and breathe together and I am so glad to share this moment with you.

Begin by finding a comfortable seated position, with your spine straight and your hands resting gently on your lap. If it feels safe for you to do so, close your eyes softly, or else just soften your gaze downward and take a deep breath in through your nose. Feel the air, filling your lungs with fresh, rejuvenating, replenishing, oxygen. Let that breath go. Exhale slowly through your mouth, releasing any tension or stress you may be holding onto.

Let’s just check in with the breath. How are you feeling right now? Observe the breath. Is it short and shallow? Is it slow? How deeply are you breathing? Just bring all your focus and awareness to the breath. At this stage, we aren’t trying to change the breath, this is just an observation. Follow the breath in and out of your body. Allow your body to soften and quieten as you stay with the breath. As you continue to breathe deeply and rhythmically, allow yourself to become fully present in this moment. Feel the support of the earth beneath you, grounding you and connecting you to the vastness of nature.

Now, bring your awareness to the beauty of the world around you. Visualise the lush green forests, the sparkling blue oceans, and the majestic mountains reaching towards the sky. Picture the vibrant colours of flowers in bloom and the gentle rustle of leaves in the breeze.

Imagine yourself walking through a pristine forest, surrounded by towering trees and the sound of birds singing overhead. Feel the cool earth beneath your feet and the warmth of the sunlight filtering through the canopy above.  We know that whenever we walk over a forest floor, beneath the surface is a mycelium network that connects the trees, through their root systems. An entire underground world is there supporting life everywhere. 

As you continue to explore this natural paradise, take a moment to reflect on the importance of Earth Day and our role in protecting and preserving our planet. Think about the small actions you can take each day to reduce your environmental impact and promote sustainability.

Now, shift your focus inward and connect with your own inner landscape. Take a moment to appreciate the miracle of your own existence, the beating of your heart, and the rhythm of your breath.

Visualise yourself surrounded by a radiant aura of light, shining brightly with love and compassion for yourself and the world around you. Feel a deep sense of gratitude for the abundance of beauty and abundance that surrounds you.

As you bask in this feeling of love and connection, reaffirm your commitment to caring for the earth and all its inhabitants. Know that by taking care of yourself, you are also taking care of the planet, and vice versa.

Take a few more deep breaths, allowing this sense of peace and harmony to permeate every cell of your being. When you feel ready, gently open your eyes and return to the present moment, carrying with you the intention to live each day with love, compassion, and reverence for the earth.

Thank you for joining me in this meditation. May we continue to nurture our planet and ourselves with care and compassion, now and always.

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