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From The Book: Laughter Yoga A Year of Chuckling Through 'The Change' - Embracing Menopause Mayhem

Hello, wonderful women embarking on the exhilarating journey of menopause! I'm Tové, and I am eager to share the laughter-filled pages of my book, "Laughter Yoga: A Year of Chuckling Through 'The Change' - Embracing Menopause Mayhem."

Let's get real, shall we? Menopause isn't a serene stroll in the park; it's more like a carousel of surprises, where you never quite know which emotion or symptom is coming next. But fret not, my fabulous friends, because right in the middle of this whirlwind, I decided to experiment with a practice I love–Laughter Yoga.

Imagine this: hot flashes creating a tropical tango in the midst of an icy winter, nights feeling like a dance with the stars in sweat-soaked pajamas, and emotions doing a conga line with your sanity. The hormonal dance party was in full swing, and I found solace in the unlikeliest of places - the present moment, such as I was, and bouts of hearty laughter.

In my book, I'm not claiming to be an expert; but I think we each sense that our bodies seem to nip off somewhere without telling us and even if they did, what the fog; how would we remember? Think of me as a kindred spirit, a sister of sorts, showing up sweaty with chuckles and a willingness to laugh no matter my mood or the degree of menopause mayhem. Laughter Yoga is more than just a laughter workout; it's a holistic approach to healing, a companion through the twists and turns of life, not just mid-life.

I delve into the science behind the madness. Hormones playing truant? Check. Emotional rollercoasters? Double-check. But here's the beauty - each symptom comes with a laughter-infused antidote, courtesy of Laughter Yoga.

Let's talk about those infamous hot flashes. The science says it's hormonal chaos, but Laughter Yoga says, "Let's cool down that internal furnace with a good laugh." It's astounding how a giggle can turn down the heat. The long, slow, exhale after later restores us, calms us.

And night sweats? Oh, the glamorous life of changing pajamas in the dark. It’s not like I had much sleep with the dang insomnia! But Laughter Yoga whispers, "Embrace the midnight wardrobe change and look at you nailing your sleepwear runway show." Who knew laughter could be a stylist?

But it's not just about physical symptoms. Menopause loves to throw emotional curveballs too. Feeling overwhelmed? Laughter Yoga steps in, offering a lifeline of giggles in the sea of chaos. Anxiety knocking on your door? Laughter Yoga says, "I'm here to rewrite that script, my friend."

In my book, I spill the beans on how Laughter Yoga tackled every emotional and physical challenge. It's not about belittling the struggles but finding joy in the journey, despite the twists and turns. Laughter, dear companions, is the best medicine for those menopausal blues.

And let's not forget about humour. It's the supportive friend that walks beside you through 'The Change.' It's the unexpected punchline in the hormonal stand-up comedy show. Menopause may bring its surprises, but humour is your secret ally. I take my laughter seriously now. And the more I laugh, the more I laugh. Laughter Yoga doesn’t rely on jokes or comedy, but it opens you up to jokes and comedy, it reminds you how to have fun, and soon that leads to things being funny. It’s not laughing AT ourselves, but rather in sympathy WITH ourselves, and with each other. At the Laughter Yoga World Conference in 2023, the Italian Laughter Yoga Master Trainer, met me as I came off stage from launching my book. In a truly empathetic gesture, she handed me a tissue to wipe the sweat from my brow. Let’s not tease ourselves, it was really hot and humid in India. I’d given an animated performance on stage, but the real culprit for my matted hair was a hot flush and she recognised it. She did that hair flick our friends do when they hint for us to copy them. Mine was plastered to my head. I reactivated it as best I could, and dabbed at my face with her tissue. She took off a bracelet and closed it around my wrist saying it was all she had to give me. She felt moved by my topic and I felt moved by her compassion.  Let’s be a bit kinder to ourselves and those around us.

So, whether you're navigating the unpredictable seas of menopause or just curious about how laughter can be your superhero cape, grab a copy of "Laughter Yoga: A Year of Chuckling Through 'The Change' - Embracing Menopause Mayhem." Let's embark on this laughter-filled journey together, because, trust me, a good laugh can turn the wildest storm into a playful breeze.

P.S. When you get the book (ha ha I highly recommend it) get a copy for a friend and then defo send us a selfie wih you holding the book. Clic this link to learn more:

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