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MC & Keynote Speaking


  • 1 h
  • Price varies
  • Friars Wood

Service Description

Elevate Your Event with Tové Kane: Dynamic Keynote Speaker and MC Unleash the Power of Presence and Purpose in Your Event! Searching for a keynote speaker and master of ceremonies who seamlessly blends professionalism, creativity, and a touch of humour? Tové Kane, an acclaimed figure in broadcasting, acting, education, mindfulness-based cognitive behavioural therapy, and Laughter Yoga is here to transform your event into an unforgettable experience, live and online. 🏆 Award-Winning Excellence: Tové's stellar reputation as an award-winning broadcaster and speaker is backed by a diverse background that spans radio & TV, acting, education, and mindfulness. Her achievements reflect a commitment to excellence and a passion for making a positive impact on every audience. 🎭 Engaging Speaking Style: Tové's signature voice captivates audiences, combining quality, authority, and creativity. Customised: from 20 mins, to an hour—expandable to one-day workshops and additional training, each of these keynotes is delivered in a framework that suits your objectives. Tové Kane, an accomplished author, speaker, coach, and Laughter Yoga Master, delivers a series of engaging keynote talks focused on the transformative power of Laughter Yoga in improving workplace wellbeing. With her expertise and enthusiasm, she offers valuable insights and practical techniques to enhance employee morale, reduce stress, and foster a healthier work environment. Here are five signature talks by Tové Kane: "Unleashing Workplace Happiness: The Science of Laughter Yoga" In this keynote, Tové explores the scientific foundation of laughter's positive impact on the brain and body. "Leading with Laughter: A Leadership Approach to Workplace Wellbeing" Tové discusses how leaders can use laughter as a tool to foster better communication, build trust, and strengthen team dynamics. "The Laughing Break: Boosting Productivity and Creativity at Work" This talk focuses on the concept of the "laughing break" as a way to recharge employees during the workday. "Laughter Yoga for Stress Management: Finding Calm in Chaos" Stress is a common workplace challenge, and Tové addresses it head-on in this keynote. "Building Resilience through Laughter: Bouncing Back from Adversity" Tové's final keynote delves into the role of laughter in building resilience, both individually and collectively.

Contact Details

  • 4 Friars Wood, Newtownabbey, UK


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