Tové Kane


I have been in the broadcast industry since 1989 where I began as a campus DJ on Rhodes Music Radio.  

I’ve worked from Campus to Community to Commercial on Talk, Music and Internet stations in every time slot from overnight to breakfast.

I enjoy the new convergence of technologies that allows us to be multi-media content providers rather than simply DJ’s.

I’ve also worked in live television as an anchor for a morning TV show where I was able to transition between reading news, taking live direction to conducting lifestyle, finance and information  interviews. I am skilled at reading a teleprompter and I thrive in a live broadcast environment.

I am equally proficient in a packaged environment, able to shoot in a single take on location. I used my skills to improvise and simplify complicated copy when I starred as the solo presenter of a gardening show DVD.   

I love to coach and workshop in fun ways that enable people to set aside their fear of public speaking and become confident, effective communicators.

I’ve created a dynamic workshop series specifically for multi-media content providers through Tové Kane Media – dream real. It’s a lifelong dream of mine to condense everything I’ve learned from a variety of platforms into a power pack workshop that can boost existing broadcast skills and introduce new talent to a wealth of insights. I am thrilled to share some of the experience I’ve gained after nearly three decades of radio MC, stage, TV, voice work combined. 

Throughout my broadcasting career I’ve also explored several business portfolios including: marketing, public relations, event management, advertising, training and recruitment.

My other passions include film (I made a 2012 underwater movie for Ocean Divers International, Port Elizabeth called “Welcome to the family”). I sing as well. I’ve released 2 CD’s of my own and been a guest artist on a compilation CD. I love doing motivational speaking, keynote speaking, presentation skills training, broadcast training, photography, making short videos for YouTube, writing, for film, TV, radio and the internet. I practice martial arts, enjoy golf, mountain and road biking and I am an advanced SCUBA diver.

  • Radio
  • Voice over
  • MC
  • Trainer
  • Writer
  • Presenter
  • Presentation Skills
  • Vocal Coach
  • Photographer