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Laughter Yoga
UK & Ireland

Curious About
Your Laughter IQ?

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Do You Want To Transform Your Workplace & Elevate Well-being?

  • Take a giant leap toward a stress-free and vibrant corporate culture

    1 hr

    350 British pounds
  • Are you ready to infuse your charity with positivity, resilience, and ...

    1 hr

    250 British pounds
  • Keynote

    1 hr

    Price varies
  • Wellness over illness and joy over sorrow

    1 hr

    497 British pounds

  • 1 hr

    100 British pounds
  • Say "no" to hormone havoc

    8 hr

    160 British pounds
  • The stress-free method to create, rehearse, perform and sell ANY prese...

    12 hr

    997 British pounds

  • 30 min


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