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Unlock the Power of Your Voice

As a confidence coach, I help women solopreneurs  transform their lives by unlocking the power of their unique voice. I'll help you gain confidence and overcome any fears or anxieties that are holding you back. Let's work together to create a lifestyle that truly shines.

I once froze so badly I couldn't utter a word. No voice. Nada. Nothing. Awkward. Even the crickets were embarrassed for me! The ground never swallows you when you wish it would. I literally ran through the audience to escape.


I've never forgotten that feeling and that's why I coach with empathy—I know what it's like when your nerves take over.


Since then I've been a TV morning anchor, on radio for over thirty years, an MC and Keynote Speaker in front of thousands.

Now I coach and mentor other women so they can Speak and S.H.I.N.E. with my five-step method to create, rehearse, perform and sell any presentation.


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Tové Kane

Communication Confidence Author/Speaker/Coach

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